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Traditional business analytics has shifted to a more agile, self-service model that enables greater user access to data and the ability to create and perform individualised reports and analytics without the help of IT specialists. Line of Business (LOB) users with no data science expertise can now converse with business data to find insights using natural language and conversational chatbots.

According to SAP, the shift to a self-service model for analytics is driven by three key factors:

  • Dynamic business environment that demands increasingly timely analytics
  • Business demand that puts a strain on limited IT resources
  • Proliferation of self-service visualization, discovery, and data access tools

SAP has taken these factors and integrated robust self-service capabilities into its core Business Technology Platform that makes it easy for everyday users to interactively work with data to uncover insights that matter.

In the next sections, we’ll explore how it’s done.


One important development that has changed the way we experience analytics comes with the advance of natural language processing (NLP) and natural language search. Thanks to these capabilities, business users can simply ask the solution free-form questions, without having to understand the underlying technical details.

Just as everyday users of search engines don’t need to understand the coding and technology behind Google, business users don’t need to be data scientists to answer their analytics questions. According to SAP, “solving business problems should be as easy as “Googling” any other question.”

With SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Conversational AI, LOB users can get answers to business questions on the fly and efficiently manage business tasks with self-service business intelligence capabilities and conversational chatbots.


Thanks to its live connections and integration capabilities, SAP Analytics Cloud can connect directly to SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, and SAP S/4HANA\. By understanding the semantic models of those platforms, it can dynamically map natural language questions without fixed grammar or a limited dictionary, allowing everyone to ask their questions in the language of their business.


SAP Analytics Cloud’s business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities help users intuitively evaluate and predict business outcomes using augmented analytics and Natural Language Processing.

Augmented Analytics

Find answers easily with natural language query

SAP Analytics Cloud uses conversational artificial intelligence and natural language technology to answer the important business questions you need to know instantly. Machine learning technology helps you uncover important trends within seconds, so you can move forward with confidence and certainty.

Smart Wrangling

Discover meaningful insights

With the smart wrangling capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can get immersed in gaining insights from your data through stories and analysis, without worrying about getting the data prepared perfectly from the start. Leverage the power to manipulate, restructure and enrich data from both governed and ungoverned sources into a cohesive data set that helps you answer all the real business questions your organisation faces. Paired with self-service analytics capabilities, everyone across the organisation is equipped to interact and pull meaningful insights from your cross-enterprise data.

Communicate and Collaborate

Break down silos

SAP Analytics Cloud contains a variety of collaboration tools that were designed to ensure you and your teammates are always on the same page. From commenting directly on stories, easy sharing and customised bookmarking features, you can stay connected to work better, together.


In a conversation-driven economy, SAP Conversational AI provides outstanding customer and employee experiences using natively integrated chatbots to guide users to the right page, answer FAQs, and automate tasks. Using SAP’s proprietary multilingual natural language processing (NLP) technology, users are enabled to simplify business tasks and workflows across SAP and third-party products.


As the conversational AI layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, SAP Conversational AI enables users to build and monitor intelligent chatbots in one interface to automate tasks and workflows.

Simplify access to information and enhance user satisfaction

Personalised human-like conversations with multilingual chatbots at scale anytime, anywhere, makes it easy for business users to get tasks done, while reducing development efforts and costs.

Improve overall productivity and scale your business

Conversational AI enables users to automate time-consuming and tedious tasks so that they can focus on value-added tasks.

Bot-Building Platform

Train, build, test, connect, and monitor AI-powered chatbots in one unique interface to simplify business tasks and workflows across SAP and third-party products.

Bot training

Analyse text inputs and enrich key data in any language with our world-class natural language processing (NLP) technology.

Bot building

Build complex conversation flows and powerful logic with skills.

Bot testing

Ensure high-quality chatbot conversations with built-in testing capabilities.

Bot connector

Connect your chatbot to multiple messaging channels or hand over to a human agent.

Bot analytics

Understand how customers and employees talk to your chatbot and improve the user experience based on usage and training data.


In today’s world, a single data set doesn’t encompass enough information to answer the many and varied questions your organisation faces. You, or any business users, are often tasked to bring together more and more data to develop a more comprehensive view. With SAP Analytics Cloud and Conversational AI, users are equipped to do this using natural language and personalised conversation.

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