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Simplify Your Business Data Landscape with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud | MDSap

Data, data everywhere, without another minute in the business day to spare! Businesses accumulate an overwhelming amount of data, from suppliers, customers and products, to sales, finances, human resources and from just about every other business transaction imaginable. Making the data overload even more convoluted is the various formats and databases in which data are collected – an infinite maze of disconnected, unstructured information floating aimlessly around a company. Such a complicated and chaotic data environment will leave even the most skilled user feeling confused and overwhelmed trying to connect and find value from multiple data sources and various versions of the truth. In order for business owners, managers and stakeholders to make smart, data-driven business decisions, they need the right tools to extract, transform and consolidate data in a centralized data warehouse for data modelling, analysis and finally visualization. But what are the right tools?

A single solution is capable of doing all of this and more: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is the first out-of-the-box enterprise-ready software-as-a-service (SaaS) data warehouse in the cloud. It unites all your data sources in one solution while maintaining the security, trust, and semantic richness of your information. With data management and analytics together in the cloud, business users are empowered to make important business decisions with confidence and ease.


The following features make SAP Data Warehouse stand out from the crowd.

Structured Spaces For Secure Collaboration

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud enables users to build a virtual workspace for data analysis projects. In these Spaces, users can consolidate data models and connections, collaborate and share insights with colleagues through user-defined authorizations, and adjust computing and storage resources according to need.

Natural Language For Understanding Complex Data

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud’s business layer uses natural language phrases to interpret data intuitively so that users on any level can instantly understand data. When defining relationships between each element in your data model, users can enrich data fields with business information and tags so that information is easily searchable and more accessible.

Simple Data Modelling For Instant Insights

SAP Data Warehouse enables business users, without the help of IT specialists or data scientists, to easily build data models and find insights through the use of intuitive drag-and-drop graphic interface, tables, SQL, Cube Builder, and flat files. Data modelling tasks are simplified through visual builds with Graphical View or readily-available data models created by peers.

Consolidated Access To All Data Sources For a Single Source of Truth

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is capable of seamlessly connecting data from every corner of your business, no matter the source, for a consolidated database of business-wide data. Data from on-premise or cloud sources, SAP or non-SAP sources, and even data from remote sources can be connected and harmonized within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with the built-in ELT tool and adaptor.

Consumption-based Pricing For Growth at Scale

With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you only pay for what you use. Pricing models are based on the consumption of what you need, with the ability to separate storage and compute resources. Integrating with products and solutions already in place is also possible so businesses can easily grow at scale.

Integrated Analytics For an All-in-one Solution

With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, business users can set up a data visualization dashboard with pre-built content and design assets, while the built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities discover deep insights. Integration with any data analytics and visualization tool is also possible.


With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you get the simplicity, speed, and qualities of SAP HANA  without any of the upfront costs. It will be the first native in-memory data warehouse as-a-service in the cloud.


You only need one solution to connect and extract your data from any source (on-premise, cloud, non-SAP or SAP), harmonize it, model it, analyze it, and visualize it. All your data will be consolidated in one place, giving you a single gateway and source of truth for all your data, meaning you won’t need any other products or vendors.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is easy to use and won’t require IT resources or specialist knowledge. Added semantics make data easy to understand while connecting and modelling data with the drag-and-drop graphic interface is also intuitive and easy to use. Business users can model data on the fly or use templates that are ready to go as they learn to create more complex calculations.

Additionally, strong security, governance functionality and separating memory and compute power for efficient resource management make SAP Data Warehouse Cloud safe, secure and cost-efficient. Because it is an open product, any tool or software, including native SAP Analytics Cloud integration, can be used for data visualization.

Finally, as a SaaS product, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud keeps costs down, doesn’t require setup or installation, and if you need to increase or decrease storage or computing, the cloud can easily be scaled to suit your needs.

What more could you ask for in a data management solution?

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