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SAC SAP Analytics Planning is simplifying planning and analysis with one simple cloud solution. Experience the future of decision making with SAP Analytics tools. SAP Analytics Cloud Planning helps enterprise to make the best end-to-end plan for their business.

SAC Planning helps customers to budget, forecast and analyze financial and manpower resources.


  • Analyze, plan, and predict all in one application to save time and increase organizational agility.
  • Reduce errors and the time between insight and action through SAP Analytics Cloud, your single source of truth.
  • Interact with your data, test probabilities, run “what-if” scenarios with the value driver tree to connect the different areas of your business and project a full financial picture. Manage your data; adjust numbers into percentages and dig deep down for further detail to help plan your next move.
  • Run faster with features to help you streamline reporting and data entry. Import, export and share content packages all within one product.
  • Create and adjust plans by percentages, improve performance, and interact on screen at all times.
  • Focus on strategic planning and develop plans efficiently.
  • Strategize and act in the moment
  • Visualize the impact of your decisions
  • Quick and effective planning
  • Instantly forecast key values
  • Easily uncover insights through natural language