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We help customers in banking industry succeed in today’s competitive and fast paced market place. We implement state of the art technologing helping customers make the most out of their data to open up new channels and design profitable products that attract and maintain customer base and at the same time stay compliant, reduce cost of operations and minimizing risk.

We provide Banking Specific Advisory, Solutions & Applications; Banking Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (EPM); Mobile Platform & E-Banking & M-Banking Applications


With each engagement you organization will receive:

  • Pre-defined business models
  • Pre-determined database structures
  • Open Architecture – Database Agnostic
  • Sample Data + Sample Report Templates
  • Enterprise Analytic Data Modeling and Meta Data Management Tools
  • Pre-developed Meta Data Definitions
  • Integration with Leading ETL Tools
  • Integration with Leading BI Visualization Tools
  • Project Plan

Today our customers include Emirates NBD, NBAD, ADNOC, ADIB, Samba, QIB, NBK and many other banks large and small across the region.