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ERP Systems are Workhorses of the Modern Enterprise

They are intended to handle transactions and save pertinent data in a database as quickly as possible. ERP systems are designed to store transactional data generated by order input, order fulfilment, supply chain management, and other fundamental operational processes. Today's businesses use data from hundreds of ERP and other source systems to power operational analytics. The process of extracting and combining data is tough, and many businesses continue to spend tiny fortunes to teams of highly skilled data engineers who manually stitch everything together.

Gartner predicts a 121 percent growth in the number of data sources playing into average operational analytics over the next year, exacerbating the situation. Therefore, this is not sustainable in the long run. It is not only exorbitantly priced, but it is also far too slow to keep up with the pace of business in today's world.

About the EBook

This eBook will help us in understanding the differences between transactional data and operational analytics, and how new technology might help bridge the gap. It talks about:

Why is it so difficult to do operational analytics on ERP data?
Why using Excel to handle these problems is a bad idea
How Incorta may provide you a competitive advantage in operational analytics

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