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Johnny Beyrouthy Interview | MDSap

  • How long have you been working with MDS ap?

This is my 14th year with MDS ap, believe it or not, my original plan was a maximum of 1 to 2 years!

  • What do you like most about your job?

It is mainly the combination of several elements: 1. The wealth of experience and exposure that I gain on an hourly basis. 2. The continuous growth in business knowledge and both the technical and managerial skills; I work at the heart of the digital transformation process era and I’m witnessing its tremendous value on our client’s businesses and their clients. 3. The friendly environment and enjoyable ambiance at work, most of my colleagues are literally my friends. I feel I belong to one big MDS ap family and a bigger Midis group family.

  • What have you learned from working at MDS ap?

Everything I am right now professionally, I owe it to MDS ap. I’ve worked with the greatest entrepreneur minds in the IT industry and the smartest sales representatives and brightest Consultants who don’t know what giving up means; I’ve learned the value of integrity and the returns on “customer satisfaction” in my every day at work. I feel honored and proud of being an MDS ap protégé and proud of what I have achieved in 14 years. It is the fruit of a balanced combination: working hard and smart, and the timely and exceptional coaching given by the senior management. I think it is a very good success story to tell to newcomers at MDS ap.

  •  What inspires you to pursue success every day?

My family is my ultimate muse; Krystel my lovely wife, Eva, Anna and Elsa my adorable daughters, and both our parents are all the heart of the joy and aspiration that keeps me going. Also, the appreciation of “personal satisfaction” at all levels is a key ingredient of my success; Someone very dear at MDS ap once told me that satisfaction is, in fact, the closest thing to happiness; when you plan rationally and meet your expectations at every step in your career path, you feel satisfied with the achievements you’re doing and when you are satisfied, you are in fact happy, and when you are happy, you live better, work better, and increase your success rates exponentially at work and in life.

  • Do you have an office nickname? What is it?

Many names in different times, “John and Jonjon” at my early days at MDS ap, and “El Bayrouteh” mostly.

  • What are your hobbies?

Sports mainly skiing, swimming, Tennis, football, and volleyball.
I like dancing and I’m told I’m pretty good at it; I guess i got this from my dad. Music is surely a very important element of my every day. I don’t normally miss any good concert, Musical play or Movie. Traveling and exploring new places, cultures, people and food remains my best hobby at all times.

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