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MDSap & EPM International announce release of 2016 EPM Study | MDSap

Abu Dhabi, 17th May,  MDSap announces the release of the latest Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Study in conjunction with EPM International. EPM International is a unique alliance between five specialist EPM consultancies, bringing together over 500 EPM implementation and Finance Transformation specialists worldwide. This is the fourth time in the last 15 years that EPM International has carried out this extensive study, which looks at the EPM usage and implementation at nearly 80 large international companies from across Asia, Europe and North America.

“The EPM Study is insightful and helps organizations benchmark and compare their group finance function performance. It also helps them better understand the trends and best practices in this space,” Says Johnny Beyrouthy, Director of Enterprise Performance Management at MDSap. “with the wealth of information the EPM study provides, companies in the Middle East can gain valuable information on how to improve their group finance practices by looking at the characteristics of the top performers in this area. It’s exciting for MDSap to be part of something that really revolutionizes the status quo in the EPM market, and is a high impact asset for our team internally, as well as our valued clients and study participants.”

One objective of the EPM Study is to identify best practice processes and evaluate the performance of each participant against these best practices characteristics.  All of the study participants are evaluated on a variety of key metrics that the EPM International team have identified as key indicators of effective Enterprise Performance Management based on their deep experience of EPM. Overall, the study ranks companies on two main dimensions- the speed and quality of their reporting processes. Understanding practices such as how finance team members spend their time, how frequently data is reported, key process and systems challenges in reporting and planning, timetables for planning and reporting and the approach to forecasting help EPM International evaluate the overall effectiveness of an organization’s EPM processes and systems.

The study report showcases trends of top performing companies, including surprising finds like the neutral effect of group size (often, large groups use their size to excuse longer reporting cycles), the importance of regular forecasting and the shift to weekly flash reporting. Participants in the study have access to where their company falls within the ranks of those who participated and are given specific insight into potential problem areas, improvement opportunities and what business benefits may arise from each.

In addition to trends put forth by top performing companies, the study outlines key conclusions gleaned from the study of each key EPM process (Reporting, Budgeting and Forecasting), provides suggestions for coping with the rapidly changing financial environment and details  the most current “hot-topics” in group finance.

The full EPM Study Results Whitepaper is available for download from:  .  

About EPM International

EPM International is the only global integrated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consulting network. EPM is an umbrella term that describes all of the processes, methodologies, metrics and systems needed to measure and manage an organizations performance. The EPM International members are four leading EPM consultancies with operations in nine European, North American and Asian countries and over 600 consultants, working with many diverse companies across multiple industries including some of the world’s largest multinational corporations. The members of EPM International are: MDSap (MENA and Turkey), Column5 Consulting Group, (USA, UK), ifb Group  (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, China, Luxemburg, USA),  ValorGest (Portugal), Capacent (Sweden, Norway, Finland), and MDS Ap ( Middle East, Turkey).

About MDSap

MDSap helps customers run their businesses better leveraging technology from SAP and other best of breed industry solution providers. We offer high quality and professional services delivering world-class integrated solutions including Data Management, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Group Finance, Business Analytics and Omni-Channel Banking Solutions. . MDSap is a full member of EPM International and has access to EPMi’s global resources. For more information on EPMi please visit:

MDSap is part of the Midis Group, we maintain twelve offices across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Central Eastern Europe. For more information on MDS ap please visit:

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