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Focus on Your Business, Let us Do the Rest.

MDS ap Professional Services makes the adoption and extension of SAP technology in both new and existing environments easy and fast, letting you focus on the details of running your business by leaving the development, deployment and management of your infrastructure to us.

Our Professional Services Team provides a full range of consulting offerings for business and technology solutions delivered by a worldwide team of experts to fit your needs.

ASE and RS Health Check

The Health Check for SAP ASE and Replication Server Service Package is designed to assess the architecture, configuration and operating environment of your ASE and Replication Server deployment to attain a high-performing implementation based on best practices. Working closely with customer staff, our consultants will explore production systems to determine if the installed solutions are fully utilized.

The service is divided into four phases.

  • Phase 1 involves the review of ASE and Replication Server architecture, configuration, infrastructure and performance issues.
  • Phase 2 includes a detailed analysis of the ASE and Replication Server environment, system testing and review —resulting in documented findings and recommendations.
  • Phases 3 and 4 are optional phases of effort to implement a portion or all of the documented recommendations.

Our onsultants will perform a review of your existing ASE and Replication Server infrastructure to identify potential issues and limitations, as well as make recommendations based on best practice deployments.

  • Immediately reap the benefits of a high-performing system and lower your cost of ownership as a result of optimized resource utilization through the implementation of best practices. Recommendations will include options for better use of your existing infrastructure resulting in improved system reliability.
  • Benefits of this package may also include improved response time with application queries, more efficient operation and administration of servers that reduce labor costs, improved continuity of service, and optimized data usage through the use of advanced replication capabilities.
  • Our consultants possess a depth of experience over a wide number of installations and bring considerable resources.