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Incorporating SAP into your business and data management operations is a major milestone for any organization; one that is bound to significantly transform your business. Choosing an experienced and reliable SAP implementation partner, however, is tantamount to your success in realizing the full potential of SAP technologies. As SAP Gold Partners, MDS ap offers tailor-made SAP implementation services to accelerate the design, development and deployment of reliable, enterprise-wide database solutions for maximum return on your technology investment. We take it a step further by offering ongoing support and managed services, as well as training to empower your staff to harness the full power of SAP with great efficiency and ease.

Our SAP implementation process, as laid out below, follows a set of best-practice workflows and business processes to build and optimize a unique SAP landscape to match your specific business requirements. Every step of the way, from initial project preparation to final go-live and support, we leverage our expertise and experience for a smooth, seamless and systematic implementation process.

1. Plan and Prep

The first step of the SAP implementation process involves us getting to know every element of your business process in order to effectively define requirements, objectives, scope and priorities. We work closely with essential stakeholders in your business to design a solution vision of how SAP will better enable and optimize your core business processes and workflows. This includes gathering information about your company’s organizational structure, including:

  • Companies (legal entities);
  • Business residences;
  • Departments located at business residences;
  • Departmental responsibilities for the scoped functionality;
  • Financial reporting structure, such as segment, cost centres, and profit centres; and
  • Reporting lines including departmental managers.

We are then able to determine the availability (uptime), security, manageability and scalability of the envisioned SAP system for ultimate business impact. It is also during this phase that we start to prepare for the data migration exercise where we move all data from existing legacy system(s) to your SAP solution. For example, this includes migration objects like products, services, and business partners, as well as transaction data specific to individual sales orders or financial postings. Some of these objects have dependencies and need to be imported in a defined sequence.

2. Tally and Tailor

Integral to the success of SAP implementation is to coordinate and standardize mandatory configuration activities that will be actioned in a logical sequence. This allows us to tailor the SAP solution to your specific needs before going live by checking predefined settings and entering additional settings for your selected scope. Typical mandatory configuration activities include setting up payment strategies in Sales and maintaining charts of accounts in Financial Management.

In line with the organizational structure defined in the preparation phase, the operational and structural properties of each organizational unit in your company is documented, and departmental responsibilities are checked and adapted. This is important for determining reporting lines, as well as the legal and financial aspects within your company.

A learning module will also be held during this phase of the project to ensure that all responsible stakeholders and administrators in the organization understand the implementation activities and their unique responsibilities in carrying them out.

3. Integrate and Implement

Now that all of your business processes have been mapped out and workflows have been built, our experienced technical implementation team can start the process of transferring the configured solution to your company. We do this by integrating and extending third party applications that already operate in your company, and migrating your basic, master, and transaction data from your legacy system(s) to your new solution. Here we will also set up the form, report, and user interface extensions you require to meet your company’s specific needs.

4. Test and Teach

During this critical phase we run a number of tests in end-to-end business scenarios involving all processes, roles, and data related to your business requirements. This allows us to verify that your core business processes are running as desired, and that any configuration issues are resolved before your solution goes live.

In preparation for your new company-wide digital transformation, the knowledge transfer process can finally begin. End users will be thoroughly trained to use the solution with confidence and be provided with clear instructions on accessing embedded learning. Company-specific learning materials will also be made available to them on the system.

5. Go Live

Once our team has ensured that all mandatory and outstanding configuration issues are resolved, legacy data is migrated to the production system, knowledge transfer is complete, and the project is signed off, we can flip the go-live switch and watch the magic happen.

6. Production Support

Our journey with your company doesn’t end after implementation, as we offer ongoing support and guidance so you can get the most out of your new solution. This includes development, maintenance and performance optimization of your SAP based databases, applications and data movement strategies, addressing system limitations, high availability needs, disaster recovery plans, and as required, knowledge transfer and end-user training to improve performance and productivity.

Benefits of Choosing MDS ap as a SAP Implementation Partner

When you choose us, you are choosing expertise, experience and quality customer service. With years of SAP implementation projects under our belt, as well as SAP Gold Partner status, we guarantee successful SAP implementations for any industry or organization of any size. The value-added benefits we can offer you include:

Greater Value

Through accelerated deployment of solutions, rapid implementation times and a simplified and transparent transition process, we enable you to innovate where and when you choose, and realize business benefits faster than ever.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Our SAP implementation technology reduces the intensity of services needed for deployment through delivery of pre-configured, ready-to-run processes, a fully guided journey, and apps that support adoption and extension of innovative, differentiating capabilities. Our pre-configured processes are in line with consistent standards that bring best practices to core business processes for improved efficiencies, insights, and potential for automation.

Continuous Innovation

Our SAP implementations are a foundation for growth that provide innovative capabilities far beyond the initial system setup. We deliver access to the latest applications of business process automation, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital assistants, and other innovations in ready-to-run features.


One of the greatest strengths of cloud solutions is the ability to drive rapid growth with the flexibility and responsiveness that comes with resources on demand. We can help companies expand while maintaining total insight and control over their systems.

Integration and Extensibility

We are able to connect data and processes across core business systems while enabling you to extend the solution to new apps and intuitive and flexible configurations suited to your needs, when and where you need them.

End-to-end Guidance

We offer a personalized guided implementation journey to help you select, configure, and deploy the right solutions based on well-defined standards to meet your functional needs. We provide extensive training, access to learning material and ongoing support for maximum returns on your digital transformation.

MDSap4HANA - Plug and Play Solution Powered by Mashfrog

Thanks to our years of SAP implementation experience, we have developed our own MDSap4HANA “plug and play” solution that facilitates migrating to SAP S/4HANA in record time and at reduced costs. By integrating a set of best practice tools and business processes in a pre-configured environment MDSap4HANA ensures quick and easy implementation of SAP S /4 HANA for our clients.

MDSap4HANA facilitates the entire implementation process in a replicable way without losing the extensibility and scalability functions needed to meet your business requirements. Whether you are migrating from an existing SAP system or implementing SAP S/4HANA from scratch, MDSap4HANA will reduce migration and configuration time, minimize complexity and reduce costs. The transition package includes application, and technical and project management services to help support our clients.

Transitioning to SAP S/4HANA, a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics, has never been easier. We will help you transform your business processes with intelligent automation that runs on a market-leading in-memory database that offers real-time processing speeds and a dramatically simplified data model.