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SAP Crystal Reports is a Business Intelligent BI tool that provides customers with easy access to design and deliver meaningful interactive business reports connected to virtually any data source (SAP and Non-SAP data sources).

On-report sorting and filtering gives business leaders and gurus the capability to make accurate and profitable decisions.

Easy-to-use dashboard summaries, transaction-level reports, and exploration software are some of the features provided by SAP Crystal Server.

SAP Crystal ReportsSAP Crystal ServerSAP Crystal Dashboard and SAP Crystal Presentation are now packaged together under one product SAP Crystal Solutions.


Benefits and Features

  • Without the need of programming, you will be able to build reports using our report design wizards and its parameterization capabilities
  • Leverage built-in sorting, formulas, ranking, conditional formatting, parameters, grouping and search capabilities.
  • Ability to analyze and report on your business data using different chart types (bar line, area chart, funnel, bubble, radar chart, etc…).
  • Ability to track changes and usage to audit individual reports.
  • Lightweight directory access protocols integration with active directories to provide a simplified and secure user access.
  • Enable Self-service business intelligence reports operated via secure mobile access.
  • Ability to create print-ready reports using your various and unrelated data sources.
  • The SAP Crystal Report wizards and parameters allow flexibility to your reporting.
  • Solutions developed to satisfy the needs of small and midsize companies and to also provide their desirable and customized reports.
  • Assures a safe reporting environment
  • Helps you understand your business and share the facts
  • Pixel Perfect Reporting