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SAP Data Intelligence unifies scalable enterprise AI and intelligent information management while it brings data-driven innovation and intelligence across the enterprise. SAP Data Intelligence enables you to extract value from dispersed data, scale AI, and embrace the power of open technology.

The SAP Data Intelligence solution empowers you to integrate and connect siloed data assets and manage discovery, refinement, governance, and adaptation of all data across your distributed-data landscape. It gives you the ability to merge audio, image, video, text, and IoT streams with structured corporate and third-party data.

With SAP Data Intelligence availability on premise or cloud, you can now transform valuable data from any source into critical insight to initiate better business results and outcomes.


Benefits and Features of SAP Data Intelligence

  • Ability to discover, merge, and connect multiple data types regardless of data location enabling users to extract value from their distributed data
  • Create valuable data with analytics and automation
  • Ability to merge, reuse, and refine audio, image, and video streams and data from devices built on the Internet of Things
  • Using a robust metadata management rules enables users to optimize governance and minimize compliance risk
  • Distribute modular data pipelines across distributed infrastructures
  • Ability to build and deploy state-of-the-art AI models using data science tools like those provided by JupyterLab
  • Easy access to Automated Machine learning capabilities.
  • Ability to scale AI and Machine Learning Capabilities and get insights into its performance using advanced reporting capabilities
  • A new approach where Enterprise Artificial Intelligence AI meets Intelligent Information Management
  • Automatic deployment, testing, and models retraining using a central cockpit
  • Our open-source technologies such as Python, R, and TensorFlow, enables users to employ a modular, container-based system in the cloud
  • Build a reusable custom operators using a flexible, modular system
  • Ability to use your own models, deploy them, reuse them in new models, and arrange data flows to and from these models
  • Embrace the power of Open Technologies with Confidence