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SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom presents modernized boardroom interactions. It aims to give decision-makers an interactive analytics experience with a unique, engaging user interface allowing them to produce improved data-driven outcomes.

SAP Digital Boardroom provides large and growing businesses with the same comprehensive, detailed real-time view of every characteristic and feature of operations and customers.

SAP Digital Boardroom reduces preparation time with the ability to display real time analytics on one or more interlinked touch screens.


Benefits and Features

  • Achieve better outcomes out of your piloting meetings and projects through a unique user experience that supports interactive insights
  • Responsive and interactive data presentation helping in successful decision-making
  • Easy to use interface with live and powerful analytics that will instantly answer your business questions
  • Measure investment vs ROI
  • Enable ad hoc along with what-if analysis built on SAP Analytics to explore alternative courses of action and impact of various scenarios
  • Smart assistance characteristics that reveal hidden insights enabling users to make better and faster decisions
  • Ability to assess and manage your corporate performance using our proven frameworks
  • Ability to be integrated with SAP and Non SAP Sources
  • Quick and accurate assessment of information sensitivity
  • A freeform presentation of high standards to save preparation time and effort



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