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SAP Cloud for Sales is a cloud-based suite of sales-centric applications from SAP. Cloud for Sales offers applications for sales force automation, sales enablement, sales collaboration, and predictive analytics. It improves the customer experience (CX) and accelerates the buying process.


SAP Cloud for Sales enhances your sales reps’ day-to-day work experience, saves time and guesswork to accelerate sales.

  • Guide sales reps quickly through the process of creating customized quotes and contracts
  • Model and manage sales territories and incentives
  • Embrace the future of selling


Benefits and Features

  • Always one step ahead with real-time predictive analytics
  • Ability to work anywhere with mobile online and offline capabilities
  • Take a precise pulse of every deal in your pipeline
  • Prescribed content recommendations to improve your sales strategy
  • AI-powered guided selling to protect profits and margins
  • Individualize quotes with customer- and channel-specific pricing
  • Our role-based contract templates and clause library to set permissions according to your preference
  • Negotiate sales with an online negotiation workspace
  • Enable smart, real-time territory, quota, and plan modeling
  • Create, manage, and distribute compensation plans
  • Manage complex crediting hierarchies and dispute resolution
  • Provide sales reps with incentives by enabling them to see their compensation while configuring quote
  • Ability to bridge the gap between front-end and complex order-fulfillment processes across multiple fulfillment systems and back ends
  • Manage revenue, billing, and invoicing for subscriptions, one-time billing, and multiple usage-based billing scenarios
  • Automate the IFRS 15/ASC 606 revenue recognition process with real-time reporting
  • Automatic monitoring of customer activity to create a detailed and complete view of every customer and every opportunity.
  • Enabling seamless, automated, and intelligent configuration of quotes and contracts to eliminate manual quotes and contracts
  • Model and manage sales territories and incentives
  • Outmaneuver your competition through agile monetization that goes beyond quote-to-cash with revenue recognition.