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SAP Data Integrator

SAP Data Integrator helps customers extract, transform, integrate and load data in the analytical environment. This gives the ability for customers to swiftly and efficiently access and move data across the enterprise without any loss of data– regardless of the source or target using SAP data integration tools.

SAP Data Integrator offers customers a rich environment and helps them create a full integrated data-environment for their organization. This way customers can combine and migrate data across SAP-centric or heterogeneous data environments on premise, in the cloud, or embedded in applications.


Benefits and Features

  • Ability to access and integrate data anytime, anywhere, and from any
    source using a comprehensive data integration functionality.
  • Extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) functionality – Move and
    integrate data from one or multiple sources in real time and at any interval.
  • Ability to manage and change metadata from disparate systems using
    flexible Information Management.
  • Rapid data integration and quality project development using one
    single solution for ETL and data quality.
  • Unlock more value from your enterprise data using data integration and data quality tools from SAP.
  • Model, share, and migrate your data while ensuring security using
    superior data management, governance, and warehousing capabilities.
  • Optimization of data quality that gives users access to reliable and significant insights in real time provided by customer architecture update and data integrations faster implementation.

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