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SAP Data Quality Management

SAP Data Quality Management is a part of SAP Data Services. It allows customers to manage data quality issues across all domains and sources in a single view.

Customers will gain access to SAP Data Quality Management dashboards enabling them to monitor data management and analyze trends —standardize, authorize, enhance, and match data according to their specific business rules and requirements.

SAP Data Quality Management, microservices allows developers to embed data cleansing and enrichment services within any business process or application

SAP Data Quality Management helps empower customer decision makers with data they can trust; thus helping them deliver timely and accurate information to decision makers and stakeholders.


Benefits and Features

  • A volume-based pricing model to help customers cut costs of additional IT staff, data maintenance nuisances, and recurring license fees.
  • Improving the customers’ experience by enabling consistent and timely delivery of orders, bills and all other communications.
  • Use address auto-completion to speed up data entry time and reduce inaccuracies. Contact data accuracy will save time on filling out registration forms and data entry.
  • Accurate location analytics provides precise geolocation data to deepen insights into customer behavior, logistics, and new business opportunities.
  • Help achieve high-quality and consistent address data using address validation and geocoding. Customers can instantly validate addresses and ensure that any misspelled information related to location and address is automatically corrected.
  • SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data can be integrated with on-premise or cloud-based applications.