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SAP IQ offers customers the ability to exploit the value of big data, with new ways to organize and partition data, big data analytics, new compression techniques, and the world’s fastest data loading. It offers unprecedented flexibility and allows customers to get data where they want when they want it. SAP IQ database software is more powerful than traditional row-based systems for extreme-scale data warehousing and business intelligence applications

SAP IQ allows you to transform your business and explore deeper insights with low latency real-time analytics. While streamlining IT administration tasks and reducing IT workloads, SAP IQ offers fast and concurrent ingestion of data from multiple sources.

SAP IQ helps you lower your TCO as it can store and query more data, more affordably.


Benefits and Features

  • Market-leading, disk-based, column-oriented SQL data warehouse
  • Run shared-everything and shared-nothing options for MPP architecture
  • Store and analyze massive volumes of data cost-effectively and securely
  • Protect massive volumes of data with enhanced robust security
  • Fast analytics on both structured and processed unstructured data
  • A broad ecosystem of tools to support complex analytics
  • Enhanced column stores with extreme compression
  • High-performance and accelerated data loading for low-latency
  • operational analytics
  • Open, flexible platform
  • Unified data store and Optimize extreme-scale data warehousing for operational reporting and analysis
  • Easy deployment with low TCO
  • Cost-effective data warehouse to the entire organization
  • Deeper insights into business performance and market dynamics