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Optimize business performance and improve the bottom line with the SAP Profitability and Performance Management application.

Empower finance and business teams with actionable insights from sophisticated models such as profitability and cost allocations, cash-flow modeling, shared-services costing, driver-based planning, and funds- and liquidity-transfer pricing.

Benefits and Features

  • Trusted and meaningful insights at the product, customer, or channel level while building relevant profit and performance models to help Increase business agility.
  • Ability to calculate massive volumes of data within seconds.
  • Use what-if simulation and test probabilities to make intelligent decisions and review their impact before finalizing them.
  • Harmonize and orchestrate insights and reporting by integrating calculated results into defined close activities, planning cycles, visualization, and execution.
  • Ability to build and extend financial models quickly using an intuitive user interface that handles any level of complexity and granularity
  • Calculate and simulate profitability. Use timely results with superfast in-memory computing calculations on huge data sets from any model
  • A seamless integration to optimize SAP systems, solutions, and data – without replication and redundancy
  • Empower precise and accurate decisions with impactful models
  • Achieve actionable insights instantly
  • Align processes with profitability and performance for better revenue
  • Focused profitability and performance strategies to lower costs
  • Powerful connections to enterprise systems and data