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SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting is SAP’s new consolidation solution, available for S/4HANA. It is available for both  on premise or cloud deployment scenarios.

Delivered with pre-built best practice content for data collection, consolidation, analysis and publications and multiple versions.

Supports Matrix Consolidations, real time local and  consolidated reporting, published API’s for future proofing.

Integrates with SAP Analytical Cloud:

  • Supports Live data connections or Import data connections
  • Supports data versioning

Prebuilt, Customizable Reports:

  • Supports flexible, rule based reporting
  • Prebuilt local and group reports
  • Dynamic reports and charts in a single view


Benefits and Features

  • Using Continuous accounting, speeds up the closing process. Free more time to do value added tasks by business team
  • Real Time Access, powerful HANA based solution provides real time analytical reporting capabilities
  • Single user interface and seamless processes between local and group closing activities
  • Universal Journal Ledger, maintains all consolidation records, financial data and different versions of data provides single source of truth for reporting
  • Reimaged business models, stream lined business processes, in-memory capabilities provides simplified, faster performance
  • Rolling forecasts, real time consolidated results and predictive accounting capabilities increase productivity
  • Global hierarchies and drill down to source capabilities for data tracing and grouping
  • Initiate and monitor the status of business processes using Data monitor and Consolidation monitor