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MDSap4HANA, a “plug and play” solution that’s offered in collaboration with Mashfrog. MDSap4HANA facilitates migrating to SAP S/4HANA in record time and at reduced costs. Based on our history, gold partnership with SAP, and the years of experience our team and experts have with SAP products, our customers will profit from the scalability of the remote service while shifting to digital transformation and moving from obsolete systems to the innovative SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA.

Our kernel model from MDSap4HANA represents the natural evolution of SAP services, synthesizing the knowledge of processes and speed of execution that have always characterized us with the power of S/4HANA. The scalability of the remote service is a value nowadays much appreciated by our customers, who can finally approach digital transformation with agile and easily measurable steps.

By integrating a set of “best practice” tools and business processes in a pre-configured environment MDSap4HANA will insure a quick and easy implementation of SAP S /4 HANA for our clients.

Dealing with different types of industries and organizations from different sizes all over the years facilitated the creation of MDSap4HANA which by its turn will facilitate the whole implementation process for our customers in a replicable way without losing the extendibility of adding all add-ons needed to answer clients’ requirements.

Whether you are migrating from an existing SAP system or you are newly implementing or introducing SAP S/4HANA to your business or organization, MDSap4HANA will reduce migration and configuration time and complexity thus reducing cost. The transition package includes application, technical and project management services to help support our clients.

Benefits and Features

  • Reduce implementation time
  • Simplify transition process to S/4HANA
  • Reduce transition and implementation cost.

With the expandability and scalability of our MDSap4HANA solution and due to pre-configured and validated business processes, migrating or introducing SAP S/4HANA to your business will put you in the right track to have a smart business model and lead you towards futuristic business management in a short period of time and with minimal implementation migration complexity.