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Intelligent enterprises are those market leaders that have digitally transformed their business operations holistically by adopting advanced, integrated technologies and industry best practices following agile principles to manage every aspect of their organisation – from employees, customers, and products to spend and finance. Through these digital transformation innovations market leaders are able to turn data into insights and insights into revenue. Emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) enable businesses to innovate, optimise experiences, and automate processes to be more resilient, profitable, sustainable and ultimately successful.

Turn Data into Business Value

Big data plays the first fiddle in the orchestra that is intelligent enterprise, and SAP’s integrated suite of intelligent applications is the conductor. Turning data into business value involves collecting, connecting and analysing business-wide data, deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence, and prompting the appropriate automated processes and applications to gain insight, predict behaviour and calculate demand. This empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, anticipate and respond to changes and challenges, and uncover hidden opportunities to capitalise on.

SAP’s technology approach for the intelligent enterprise focuses on three components:

  • Operational data: The “what” of business data that is captured through activities such as day-to-day transactions like costs, revenues and sales.
  • Experience data: The “who”and “why” of business data that focuses on individual behaviour and sentiments to gain deeper insight and predict demand.
  • Intelligence: The collection and analysis of operational and experience data with intelligent technology to transform data into business value.

SAP offers a portfolio of enterprise software that integrates experience data and operational data with intelligent technology to streamline and automate every business process in your organisation.

The architecture of an intelligent enterprise can be broken down as follows:

  • Business Process Automation: Automation of business-wide processes, including more integrated interaction with customers, external and internal stakeholders, and employees through intelligence-embedded applications in the intelligent suite.
  • Intelligent Applications: Digital platforms facilitate the collection and connection of data, including the integration and extension of automated business processes.
  • Intelligent Technologies: Core technology embeds automation into business processes that enables applications to detect patterns, predict outcomes, and suggest actions based on accumulated data.

Applying an intelligent enterprise strategy across your business will help you redefine customer experience, optimise productivity and augment employee engagement to become market leaders in any industry.

Benefits of Adopting a Holistic Intelligent Enterprise Strategy

Optimise your processes, maximize your resources, and ignite innovation with the right combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise in any of the following areas of your business


At the heart of every business are its customers, and market leaders are facing growing pressure to deliver engaging and trusted customer experiences before their competitors do. In order for your business to thrive you need to gain a deep understanding of who your customers are, what their behaviours, sentiments and preferances are, and how to turn those insights into immersive, personalised and compelling experiences that improve retention and loyalty, and build trust and transparency.

With SAP Customer Experience technology, you will be able to streamline all your customer-facing processes and strengthen relationships by putting the customer at the center of your sales, marketing, commerce, and service activities. The most meaningful customer experiences are informed by data-driven context that businesses need to capture, analyse, understand and use effectively. SAP Customer Experience Solutions enables you to convert data into personalised experiences and push critical insights across channels to shape the customer journey, all informed by real-time context and customer preferences. Additionally, SAP Customer Experience Solutions make data privacy and security a core aspect of the digital consumer experience in order to meet growing compliance requirements and to put consumers’ trust and privacy concerns to rest.

SAP Customer Experience Solution Features

  • Know your customers inside and out: Get comprehensive insight into your customers’ behaviours, sentiments, and preferences so you can create hyper-personalised experiences.
  • Close the customer experience gap: Create informed customer profiles and audience segments to create cross-channel, personalised and connected customer journeys, and empower your sales and marketing team with real-time customer insights.
  • Engage in active listening: Hear what customers have to say, turn insight into action, and build brand awareness and demand.
  • Understand customer preferences: Enhance the day-to-day sales experience, create perfect service moments, and deliver individual commerce experiences.
  • Shape and optimise experiences: Deliver a smooth and personalised customer experience, improve retention and loyalty, and build trust and transparency.


Keeping your workforce engaged and creating positive employee experiences is just as important as delivering great customer experiences. Incorporating workplace intelligence involves augmenting things like culture, climate, leadership, and employee engagement that create a positive place to work, and in turn, deliver positive business outcomes.

SAP Experience Management technology combines operational data, that shows what is happening in your business, and experience data, that seeks to understand the feelings of the people involved and why things are happening, so you can predict and prevent workplace issues and make your employees feel valued and heard. Using SAP Experience Management solutions enables you to automate actions across business functions to drive improvement in customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

SAP Experience Management Solution Features

  • Know your employees inside and out: Increase workforce engagement and performance by embracing human engagement experience.
  • Close the workforce experience gap: Collect and analyse workforce feedback data throughout the employee journey and turn that insight into strategies that promote employee engagement and positive experiences.
  • Link employee strategies to business priorities: Combine and analyse operational and experience data to improve business performance while increasing employee satisfaction, accountability and consistency.
  • Optimise organisational agility: Make data-driven decisions to optimise planning and identify and respond to short-term and long-term needs.


Financial stability is critical to your business’s success, but your finance organisation must also be able to manage finance and capital effectively while supporting business continuity, as well as quickly launch new business models, standardise processes, foster trust, and scale without adding complexity to stay ahead of the curve.

With SAP Financial Management solutions, you can transform your organisation with intelligent finance technology to improve productivity, anticipate challenges, minimise economic disruptions, deliver insight, and launch innovative new business models. SAP’s Intelligent ERP system and financial software solutions can also help companies emerge from financial crisis with great resiliency.

  • Automate finance processes: Manage finance processes and data consistency in line with corporate strategies through automation from a single digital platform.
  • Get real-time financial insights: Scale and evaluate the viability of new business models and projects and anticipate and respond to changes and challenges by using predictive analytics and simulations.
  • Optimise productivity: Streamline user experiences and workflows to increase efficiency and reliability.
  • Extend and integrate functionalities: Optimise working capital and cash flow with effective Treasury Management and Cash Management from SAP; meet deadlines wherever employees are with SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Advanced Financial Closing; build accuracy and process control with SAP Account Substantiation and Automation by BlackLine; simplify identity and access management to systems with cloud-based governance; streamline role management and automate user provisioning with SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance; and enable agile international trade compliance management with SAP’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) portfolio.


Creating meaningful product experiences gives empowered customers more choice than ever before, and supply chain management is the link that drives the individual delivery, service, and product experiences that customers want…now! By connecting experience and operational data, you can anticipate, understand, fulfill, and exceed customer demands in real time to deliver an outstanding and memorable experience.

SAP Supply Chain Management Solutions get customer-centric products to market faster and at less cost through an integrated portfolio that includes predictive analytics, automation, and IoT with industry expertise to execute and act.

SAP Supply Chain Management Features

  • Operate an intelligent, integrated and visible digital supply chain: Deliver the four critical design-to-operate strategies of an intelligent enterprise: customer centricity, total visibility, productivity, and sustainability.
  • Deliver product experiences that customers want: By combining experience data with operational data you can predict demand and run a customer-centric supply chain.
  • Connect, collaborate and deliver on time: Predict and react to changing conditions and demands, provide real-time customer updates, empower and manage your networks, and keep your delivery promises.
  • Harness the power of disruptive innovations: Take advantage of Industry 4.0 practices to create a sharper competitive advantage and meet and anticipate customer desires.
  • Protect the planet: Adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices such as optimising loads to reduce emissions and delivering ethically sourced products that generate minimal waste.


Understanding what your employees need in order for them to fulfil what your customers want requires you to align and integrate business operations across finance, procurement, supply chain, and customer experience for superior product and service delivery with better spend management. Smart businesses apply smart spend management processes by consolidating operational data and experience data for happier customers, a more engaged and committed workforce, and higher returns on investment.

SAP Spend Management Solutions integrate automated systems around travel management, employee-driven expenses, external workforce spend, and direct and indirect procurement to streamline and optimise spend management initiatives.

SAP Spend Management Features

  • Centralise your spend management data: Plan and monitor every aspect of your budget by consolidating spend data into a single intelligent and integrated view, and make data-driven decisions at scale.
  • Take the work out of vendor spending: Manage and automate all vendor spending processes, from procurement to payment, and respond to changing financial needs efficiently and quickly.
  • Act on employees’ needs and customers’ wants: Connect operational and experience data to gain insight into where employees need to spend to delight customers by delivering better products faster.
  • Create a global network of suppliers and partners: Build transparent and compliant supply chain workflows that are aligned with business and financial processes for faster deliveries and better spend management.
  • Simplify travel management: Streamline employee travel experiences by providing travel and expense management tools they can use to easily manage every aspect of their trip.


At the core of every intelligent enterprise lies the intelligent technology that makes business-wide data management possible. Intelligent enterprises that adopt advanced technology platforms are empowered to make confident data-driven decisions and improve business processes, and customer and employee experiences through connecting and analysing operational and experience data and deploying machine learning and artificial intelligence at every level of operation.

SAP offers a range of technologies to turn your business into an intelligent enterprise.

Intelligent Enterprise Technology

  • Intelligent Suite: SAP’s integrated suite of intelligent applications support your end-to-end business processes, from employees, customers and products to spend, finance, and IT, with embedded analytics for a 360-degree view of your business.
  • Industry Cloud: SAP’s industry cloud enables you to deploy vertical solutions from SAP and partners that will help you drive cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth through specialised applications that address specific industry needs.
  • Business Technology Platform: The integrated business technology platform comprises four technology portfolios: database and data management, application development and integration, analytics, and intelligent technologies. Build and extend SAP applications quickly and turn end-to-end business data into insight and action.
  • Experience Management: SAP’s Experience Management Solution allows you to harness the experience economy by connecting and analysing operational and experience data to gain insight into the behaviour, wants and needs of your customers, employees and other business stakeholders so you can create exceptional and personalised experiences that drive success.
  • Sustainability Management: Understanding the impact your business processes have on people and the environment is essential to being an intelligent enterprise. SAP solutions for sustainability will help you provide sustainable and transparent business processes that will satisfy your customers.
  • Business Network: The SAP business network allows you to integrate and build on current procurement, travel and contingent workforce solutions for efficient supply chain and spend management and to help intelligent enterprises work together to create flexible value chains.


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