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To develop, implement, and operate information technology (IT) successfully, organizations often focus on developing and outlining processes for managing complexity, mitigating risks, and controlling costs.

To help address these business challenges, we now offer customers a comprehensive and tiered portfolio of support offerings. You can select your support level based on your individual business needs and considerations, including your landscape complexity and desired depth of your support.

All of our offerings are built on long-standing experience in supporting enterprise-critical applications. With 20 years of close engagement with customers, we have developed and are continuously improving tools, processes, and methodologies to help support our customers at the highest level.

Our support is comprehensive and scalable; to match customers’ support needs with business requirements.

Case management

With the online Case Management System (or CDA.), you can:

  • Create, update, or check the status of your support cases
  • Maintain technical contact information related to your support plan

Please visit:

Alternatively, you can also call or email us:

Call: +961 4 72 70 75 (for P1 cases only)

Support Plans & Policies

Keep up with changing business requirements and deploy new innovation quickly with the industry’s best maintenance and support offerings.

Support Process

Instructions on what to do before you log a case, how to log and/or escalate a case, resolving your cases, and more.

Technical Library

Access and download specific documentation for your products in HTML and PDF formats.