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Commitment to Compliance

Your Office of Financial Digitalization

Fintech Defined: Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer possesses a spectrum of software solutions and services for the Financial Sector. They help in keeping focus on obligations from regulatory bodies and maintaining compliance. Over 90% of the global banks use their solutions, they specialize in brokerages, mutual & hedge funds, credit unions, and insurance companies.

Wolters Kluver is a globally accredited and award-winning organization, especially known for their work with compliance, and performance management. Within 2023 they have been awarded 3 awards for their excellent work in the corporate compliance sector.

Our Key Wolters Kluwer Solutions

Using the CCH® Tagetik provides intelligent tools and guidance in achieving the best business results.
The ‍CCH® Tagetik performance management is the ideal solution to assist business leaders with data-driven accurate insights. This Solution has over 1000+ satisfied customers across the globe from various industries.
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OneSumX is a Risk and Mitigation specialized service provided by Wolters Kluwer. Aimed at assisting corporations, corporate professionals, and financial services. This is the software solution for all your third-party compliance and risk mitigation needs.
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