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SAP Hybris Marketing is one of five front end components that helps companies better understand their customers and become more efficiently engaged with them across all channels and touchpoints.


By combining tracked data online and offline (like from your CRM), you can develop insights and dynamic 360-degree customer profiles that help you easily provide more contextual, customized experiences – leading to a better user experience and ultimately increased conversions.


This digital marketing platform works in conjunction with SAP HANA and SAP Hybris Commerce. Working with SAP Hybris CRM and behavioral marketing analysis, Hybris Marketing covers all the necessary categories for any good target audience identification and marketing planning.


The industry’s most agile open standards-based MADP. Let your developers use their preferred tools and the latest SDKs to build and deploy apps for iOS, Android, and Windows devices – as well as wearables and desktops. With SAP Mobile Platform you can:

  • Offer an enterprise-grade, mobile-first experience to your employees, partners, and customers
  • Deliver amazing consumer and business apps using a single app development platform – on premise or in the cloud
  • Take advantage of a robust set of services and libraries to accelerate app design and innovation
  • Customize pre-packaged mobile apps from SAP and over 100 development partners
  • Deploy apps built on SAP Mobile Platform in the SAP Store – and reach SAP’s 200,000+ customers

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