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Functional Financial Automation

Get Clear Consolidated Compliance

Comprehensive Financial Information

MDSap, partners with Wolters Kluwer services to assist banks with relevant data models that integrate data at group and operational levels. By helping form information flows between finance, risk, and compliance we aim to minimize the need for reconciliation.
At every step from event to disclosure, we aim for full transparency by integrating the chain of data from source to reporting and back. With different levels of analysis available our solutions facilitate insight into KPIs to individual contract details.

Automate All Aspects of Finance

With Wolters Kluwer, Tagetik we have forged our experience with our technical prowess into a unified platform

Granular Data

Our models ensure a transparent system with granular data that is reconciled with auditable accounting data of Banking data models, a complete accounting hub, financial reporting, and performance management

Reliable reporting

We help set up fast, reliable, and compliant reporting structures that reallocate time from report preparation to value-adding analysis

Multi book engine

Our products support multiple entities, currencies, and GAAPs with a regulatorily data compliant Multi book engine

Finance Transformation Platform

Build Finance Centered Processes

Finance Transformation on OneSumX, a Risk and Mitigation specialized service can drive strategy with financial processes and data in a unified platform. It brings all financial planning and regulatory functions in one place. We help you get on the cloud without compromise by offering on-premise installations as well.

Enterprise Reconciliation

Automate Accounts to Match Multi-Currency Balance Sheets

Providing a region based financial data processing engine we reorganize large quantities of data for verifiable accuracy against anticipated results. The solution works with all accounting transaction types in multiple currencies.

Reduces financial close time by 2-4 days - Automation of the reconciliation process leads to 50% fewer errors and a reduction in costly restatements

By Automating processes we help reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, optimizing resources by enabling employees to focus on value-add functions

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