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Client Overview

The client worked on directing energy transition efforts for a sound, secure, and sustainable economic future. It focuses on creating a sector that promotes economic growth and social development, with environmental sustainability for the planning and direction of the energy sector.

The Challenge

The department has complex requirements that require AI-based analysis of scalable data to revolutionize energy understanding and decision-making

  • Complex energy demand and supply data in the Energy Cube database needed to be mapped
  • Data visualization and scenario analysis seek a user-friendly solution
  • Data security and reliability are priorities to be addressed first
  • The management needs to make informed decisions and gain insights from the Energy Cube

Our Approach

MDSap Proposed SAP SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) due to its AI & ML-based analysis, digital boardroom concept, and scalability. SAP’s user-friendly interface ensures easy comprehension of data for all professionals, making it an ideal solution for insights from their Energy Cube database.

  • At DOE's control room we deployed Energy Cube Digital Boardroom for interactive data presentations
  • We implemented mobile-friendly solutions to ensure accessibility and data publishing

Project Highlights

The project was a resounding success for the MDSap team

  • We adhered to the agreed timeline with thorough project planning for successful implementation
  • Demonstrated a professional approach by handling project and technical delivery which impressed DOE
  • We also enhanced the solution's capabilities. by successfully delivering two new enhancements in 2022, further
  • MDSap's expertise in delivering SAC projects provided valuable insights and effective implementation

Value-Driven Benefits

They received many quantitative and qualitative benefits through this project

  • The client can now publish and comprehend Energy Cube data effortlessly, enabling better decision-making and insights
  • Their customer-centric approach prioritized the customer's needs and ensured satisfaction throughout the project
  • With Mobile-friendly solutions we improved data accessibility and ease of understanding for the client