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Project Highlights

MDSap helped with the organization and prioritization of the Emirate's capital projects and aligning them with the government’s growth and development strategies. The solution enables a robust Capital Investment Planning Process.

Key Challenges

To become a key player in providing technical platform for Business Object, Hana Data Base and Digital Boardroom management to the stakeholders and Abu Dhabi Department of Planning and Municipalities had to address several challenges:

  • Improve reporting experiences across the organization and decide what to measure, how to report, and whom to report.
  • Integrate different data sources to eliminate duplications
  • Implement strategic objectives and KPIs.
  • Sources of information from the different systems for Reporting.
  • Key Activities & Methodologies Deployed

  • Conducted analysis Workshop to understand the existing reporting strategy with KPIs.
  • Optimization of KPIs
  • Optimization of Strategic projects cascaded across the organization.
  • Conduct analysis of the source system data to align with the reporting data.
  • Implementation of a technical platform which is aligned to the framework defined.
  • Design and develop new reporting perspectives and objectives.
  • Creating a data entry sheet for user manual entry.
  • Design and develop Digital Dashboards at multiple levels KPIs.
  • Key Benefits

    The solution enables a robust Capital Investment Planning process, in terms of

  • Helps improve long and short terms planning
  • Ranks projects for meaningful budget approval
  • Facilitates and promotes coordination between government agencies
  • Enriches business data with geospatial analytics
  • Performs iterative “what-if” scenarios
  • Provides a process to track projects from inception to execution and monitoring
  • Compromises a platform to integrate data from source systems to eliminate duplication of multiple data entries
  • Includes a smart interactive dashboard to enable an efficient decision-making process.