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Client Overview

The client is the primary body that operates, maintains, and plans assets for network distribution. It interacts with the utility users in various regions. It has over 600,000 operational service points for a sustainable distribution network that is robust, smart, and efficient.

The Challenge

The client wanted a technical platform for strategy and project management as:

  • Manual processes lack efficient and effective monitoring of the progress made in strategic plans
  • There was no organization-wide performance management, tracking, and reporting framework to determine KPIs (what to measure, how to report) and reporting metrics (whom to report to) through the Strategy and Planning office
  • Absence of a proper tool to track strategy, conduct data analysis, and provide timely and reliable information for planning
  • There was a requirement for a tool to Implement strategic objectives, KPIs, and projects in alignment with multiple strategic partners and their plans
  • There were challenges in Integrating data from different systems and sources of information for reporting

Our Approach

To design and deploy a strategic analysis and performance management tool we

  • Conducted workshops to understand the strategic plan and KPIs. We used this to design new objectives and KPI-based optimized scorecards for roles across the organization
  • Aligned data from multiple technical sources and implemented this into one reporting platform. For this, we created data-entry sheets and automated data flow
  • Developed goal diagrams, and authorization to integrate initiatives, projects, and PMIs with separate dashboards at different levels Provided comprehensive role-based user training sessions

Project Highlights

It includes

  • Automated and manual KPIs data entry for the actual and planned data
  • Set up 27 Scorecards for 300 KPIs at the Corporate, Sector, and Division levels
  • Development of 100 Dashboards integrated with the Performance Management System

Value-Driven Benefits

  • A cohesive view of execution against priorities with strategy-based KPI setup and multiple-level dashboards
  • Fosters accountability and responsiveness by linking strategic projects, goals, and metrics
  • Improves collaboration by ensuring a single source of data that integrates with the system
  • Drastic reduction of timeline for the preparation of management and QPR reporting
  • Provides timely and easy access to data through the solution’s ad hoc analysis and reporting capabilities