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Client Overview

The client from the Education and Knowledge sector aims to help regulate of the Education Sector. It focuses on Early Childhood and K-12 and licensing of nurseries and private schools. MDSap implemented SAP Strategy Management to make sure data is mapped to reporting structures that feed into the overall strategic goals.

The Challenge

They needed a reliable tool to align strategic objectives with performance monitoring

  • Manual reporting left gaps in information that did not give a clear picture to map performance to strategic objectives
  • Timely information isn’t available across the organization
  • In the OPSA office, they have issues with effective measurement and management of performance

Our Approach

MDSap implements SAP Strategic Management by setting and monitoring performance

  • Automate Performance and Reporting - To track organizational performance and reporting we conducted interviews to determine reporting structures in terms of what to measure, how to report, and to whom
  • Ensure Effective Monitoring - To address the need for a reliable tool to track strategies and conduct analysis to provide timely information. We also ensured areas for improvement were highlighted
  • Align Strategic Objectives and Projects: We cascade strategic objectives to ensure alignment of KPIs and projects throughout the organization
  • Focused Performance Management Framework: In the OPSA office MDSap establishes a clear and focused performance management framework for effective measurement and management

Project Highlights

The Project entailed

  • Reducing manual data entry of the 45 Scorecards comprising 550 KPIs at the Corporate, Sector, and Division levels
  • The development and integration of 15 SAP BI reports and 11 Dashboards with the implemented Performance Management System

Value-Driven Benefits

The client gained on many fronts in the organization like

  • MDSap aligned organizational efforts with the strategy for a cohesive view of execution with mapped priorities
  • The solution improves visibility and collaboration by setting up a single source of data
  • The platform increases responsiveness by effectively communicating priorities, risks, and progress of each project
  • Employee Performance Management fosters accountability by linking strategic projects, goals, and individual KPI-driven metrics
  • The system provides timely and easy access to data with ad hoc analysis and enhanced reporting capabilities