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Client Overview

The client manages public health and disease control. It manages health across the country with Hospitals, Clinics, Entry Ports, and Hajj routes. Data from all points reach the Data Warehouse & Disease Registry System.

The Challenges

The client can now improve the efficiency of collecting, aggregating, analyzing, and representing health data in a centralized information management system as the Data Warehouse & Disease Registry System Project was intended to implement an Advanced and Integrated Information Technology platform. So MDSap mapped -

  • The need for real-time data integration from Hospitals, Clinics, Entry Ports, and Hajj routes
  • Our system shall aggregate data and maintain it in categories like Statistical Data, Registry Data, and Transactional Data
  • We leveled up the implementation with selected Artificial Intelligence use cases to design the most suitable set of solutions

Our Approach

MDSap implemented a secure Hospital Information System (HIS) to automate hospital operations, ensuring effective, efficient, and safe healthcare delivery. The project included setting up a complete ICT infrastructure with cloud migration and integration of over 9 additional non-HIS systems alongside the regular HIS integration

  • Conducted an analysis workshop conducted to assess the existing reporting strategy and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • We analyzed the source system data to align reporting requirements
  • Optimization of Processes with KPIs to improve effectiveness and relevance and Strategic projects prioritized throughout the organization
  • We created Data Set 4.2 encompassing extensive medical data, measurements, statistical data, and demographics from various healthcare sources
  • Implementation of a technical platform aligned with the defined framework with the design and development of new reporting perspectives and objectives
  • Custom development of Digital Dashboards at multiple levels, focusing on KPIs
  • Add-on development of 17 Modules, covering unique areas like pilgrim arrival, arrival method, waiting time, vaccine compliance, hospital operations management, PHCs operations, heat stroke, and mortality

Project Highlights

With a complete setup of ICT infrastructure and implementation of SAP digital boardroom, the project fulfilled the requirements to the T

  • There was real-time integration of over 60% of beds in KSA into NHO through a dedicated Bed Management Module
  • We executed a new HAJJ Project, with the development of reports, dashboards, and portals, handling ad-hoc requests, and providing advisory services
  • We designed developed and deployed of Hajj & Omrah Modules

Value-Driven Benefits

The client realized the potential benefits of having realtime data with

  • Project focus on contextual user experiences, predictive and machine learning capabilities, and data-driven decision-making using data as a strategic asset
  • There is now platform-wide integration of data from source systems to eliminate data duplication
  • Because of the implementation of a medical data dictionary the client had precise definintions and can effectively access the contents of the Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • The inclusion of a smart interactive dashboard has facilitated efficient decision-making