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Project Highlights

Implementation of the Corporate Strategy management for Dubai Economy. It includes automated and manual KPIs data entry for the actual and planned data of the 20 Scorecards including 400 KPIs at Corporate, Sector and Division levels, including the development of Dashboards integrated with Performance Management System and Published on SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom.

Key Challenges

To become a key player in providing technical platform for Strategy and Projects management to the stakeholders and DED had to address several challenges:

  • Improve tracking and reporting of performance across the organization and deciding what to measure, how to report, and whom to report. Unable to monitor strategic plan progress efficiently and effectively.
  • Monitoring is conducted manually. No proper tool to track ADDC’s strategy, conduct analysis and provide timely, reliable information.
  • Implement strategic objectives, KPIs and strategic projects and ensure they were effectively cascaded across the organization and aligned with the DED and Abu Dhabi Plan.
  • Ensure the performance management framework is clear and focused through the Strategy and planning office.
  • Sources of information from the different system for Reporting
  • Key Activities & Methodologies Deployed

  • Conducted workshop to understand the existing strategy plan with KPIs and projects aligned to objectives.
  • Optimized KPIs and projects across the organization.
  • Analyzed source system data to align with reporting.
  • Implemented aligned technical platform defined by DED.
  • Designed new perspectives, objectives, and KPIs based on current strategy process.
  • Developed strategy diagrams, themes, and user authorization for scorecards.
  • Created data entry sheet and automated data between staging and SSM.
  • Designed dashboards at corporate, sector head, QPR, and DGEP levels.
  • Key Benefits

  • Aligns organizational efforts with strategy and provides to provide a cohesive view of execution against priorities
  • Improves visibility and collaboration with a single source of data integrated with the source system
  • Drastic reduction of timeline for the preparation of management and QPR reporting.
  • Increases responsiveness by effectively communicating priorities and progress
  • Fosters accountability by linking strategic projects, goals and metrics
  • Provides timely and easy access to data through the solution’s ad hoc analysis and reporting capabilities
  • Complete business and IT user training.