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Project Highlights

Implementation of the S4HANA Core ERP is the backbone of the desired solution, fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors for delivering superior Human Experience Management, SAP Analytics Cloud for delivering Budgeting, Planning and Analytics capabilities, Ariba for delivering procurement excellence and international supplier network, and the SAP Cloud Platform for delivering the decree management as well as offering a leading integration layer.

Key Challenges

  • Dispersed data across multiple systems and sources.
  • Process inflexibility and reliance on external processes.
  • Weak governance on HR, procurement, and budget controls.
  • Lack of automation in key core processes (Mission Travel, decree management, Employee career pathing, etc.).
  • Budget control challenges in remote missions.
  • Heavy reliance on manual work in core functions.
  • Laborious manual work and lack of process integration.
  • Inefficient and scattered operations.
  • Poor decentralized data management leading to decision-making issues.
  • High operational costs, lack of transparency, and accountability.

Key Activities & Methodologies Deployed

  • Continuous improvement and system maintenance: Monitor system performance, address user feedback, update processes, and evaluate effectiveness.
  • Training and change management: Provide comprehensive training, workshops, and user documentation for ERP system usage. Implement change management strategies to manage resistance and facilitate smooth transition, ensuring successful adoption and raising awareness.Change Management: Vital role of change management in ensuring successful adoption of new business processes and raising awareness at both functional and corporate levels.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined Operations: Simplifying and automating overseas mission management with diverse local employees and varying HR and procurement laws.
  • Complete Automation: Implementing an all-in-one automated solution for daily business operations, real-time reporting, and comprehensive management of finance, procurement, contracts, assets, and human resources.
  • System Integration: Consolidating multiple internal and external systems into a unified solution.
  • Strategy Alignment: Ensuring organizational efforts align with strategic priorities for a comprehensive view of execution.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Collaboration: Improving visibility and collaboration by integrating data from multiple sources into a unified system.
  • Timely Data Access: Enabling easy and prompt data access through the solution's analysis and reporting capabilities.