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Client Overview

The client is a leading regional EPC contractor with 40+ years of experience and was founded to be the construction arm of the National petroleum sector. They have a proven track record in end-to-end design and construction solutions across industries such as Oil, Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Industrial, and infrastructure projects. It is an organization of 2,100 professionals and specialists, with international certifications in Quality Management, Social Responsibility, Environmental Management, and Occupational Health and Safety.

The Challenge

The client outlined the project as the setting up of a comprehensive digital transformation platform that aims to streamline business processes, enhance integration, and grow functional effectiveness. The operational issues they were facing were an overall consolidation problem of a growing regional enterprise operating from 40 locations

  • Each unit had departments running on separate software with accumulating maintenance costs
  • The departments across the enterprise did not integrate with one another. Collating and mapping interunit data for reporting took a lot of administration time
  • There was no standardization of processes across units/departments and hence no unified reporting systems
  • Our team created an interface between the Engineering department and SAP to map effective data inflow from original sketches to client delivery to connect results with design demands.
  • Within an organization unit, diverse data is needed to flow between design - drawing - engineering - and construction ensuring a complete feedback loop that makes for an efficient learning organization

Our Approach

We applied our experience and came up with a multi-part approach to ensure all round success keeping in mind the constraints and complexity of the project

  • We developed a digital platform to automate business processes by integrating varied systems and functions
  • MDSap planned meticulously to ensure different systems and processes within various departments update information across and avoid dislocation
  • We organized complex processes across departments by integrating the SAP S4HANA solution
  • Our team created an interface between the Engineering department and SAP to map effective data inflow from original sketches to client delivery, connecting results with design demands
  • We implemented a robust and user-friendly system to help enforce an Online Transactional Operation for operational and financial reports, compliance reporting, and analysis dashboards for key performance objectives and indicators (KPOs and KPIs)

The breath of the project was unifying all departments in their 40 industrial units and localizing HR and payroll.

Project Highlights

  • We applied the Greenfield Implementation for SAP Solutions as we were starting from scratch
  • For a structured approach to project management, we used the SAP Activate methodology
  • MDSap Team localized the Payroll and integrated it with SAP confirming the system to meet the specific payroll conditions of different regions
  • We optimized functioning by removing duplicate processes with multiple review iterations and quality validations
  • Channeling our industry knowledge and applying best practices, we reduced manual work by automating tasks, setting business rules and logic scripts
  • To ensure automated reports start functioning before automated data collection gets streamlined we made manual data migration processes
  • The project is in the realization phase and we have conducted comprehensive testing and training for both business and IT users

Value-Driven Benefits for the Client

  • Time saved in execution for management and administration due to the extreme simplification of the IT landscape
  • Unification of processes across 40 industrial plants in region to connect and manage over an integrated platform
  • Reduction in maintenance costs on account of the integration of regional departmental software
  • The organization gained a robust contextual awareness by amalgamating a Performance Management System across multiple departments and units
  • Improved data processing capability and reduced execution time for more accurate financial planning
  • Decrease in execution costs achieved by automating, and consolidating process steps of routine jobs and eliminating manual intervention across units
  • Generation and management of automated real-time KPI & KPO based reporting and dashboard systems ensures that the organization is set up for success