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Client Overview

The Client facilitates the identification and confirmation services of Identity for individuals to federal and local government authorities. They came to MDSap with requirements of Strategy and Performance Management

The Challenges

The project required the MDSap Team to do a thorough study of the current systems used. Here are our understandings

  • We need multilingual applications to comply with financial reporting standards, tax calculations, HR/payroll regulations, and other laws for ease of usage
  • Performance tracking and reporting across the organization needed improvement with a clear reporting matrix in place - determining what to measure, how to report, and to whom
  • Implement strategic objectives, KPIs, and KPOs by consolidating information from different systems for reporting to reduce integration efforts and ensure data quality
  • To reduce the cost of ownership and maintenance we need flexible supplier management that operates worldwide
  • Increase efficiency with real-time soft-closing and reduced monthly financial closing

Our Approach

We delivered an end-to-end solution using 5 SAP products integrated to ensure all client requirements were satisfied as SAP supports 39 languages and has 64+ localized country versions

  • S/4 HANA Core ERP is the backbone of the solution that integrates with all the other
  • SAP SuccessFactors for superior Human Experience Management across the organization
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for delivering Budgeting, Planning, and Analytics dashboards
  • SAP Ariba for delivering procurement modules for an international supplier network
  • SAP Cloud Platform for decree management with an integration layer to blend it all

Project Highlights

The project was unique in its scope with data and compliances. It envisaged

  • Governance: Put in place strong policies for governance and segregation of duties which were stage-wise implemented throughout the project’s lifecycle
  • Data Migration: Set up a comprehensive data migration plan that facilitates extraction, cleansing, validation, and accuracy of legacy data for seamless integration with the new system
  • Operational Acceptance with Parallel Run: Before the system goes live after successful data migration and end-user training we did an operational acceptance test for one financial period
  • Change Management: Trained for change management was vital here in ensuring the successful adoption of new business processes and raising awareness at both functional and corporate levels

Value-Driven Benefits

The project was a success as the client got a complete technology revamp with

  • Removing Localisation Issues: By streamlined Operations and automating overseas mission management that is managed with diverse employees in local project areas with varying HR and procurement laws
  • Complete Automation: Implementing a complete automated solution for all daily business operations like real-time reporting, and comprehensive management of finance, procurement, contracts, assets, and human resources
  • Consolidated System: Integrating multiple internal and external systems into a unified solution for all operational processes
  • Strategy Alignment: With KPI-based reporting, we ensure organizational efforts align with strategic priorities for a comprehensive execution view
  • Enhanced Visibility and Collaboration: Improving transparency, accountability, and collaboration by integrating data from multiple sources into a unified system
  • Timely Data Access: Enabling quick and prompt data access through the solution's analysis and reporting capabilities