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Client Overview

Over the years the location has witnessed unsurpassed development recording growth across all sectors The Municipality has developed many key objectives, notably the implementation of projects aimed at establishing modern infrastructure for the city including bridges, drainage systems, road networks, modern means of transportation, and consolidation of comprehensive development projects. It has also simultaneously been moving towards attaining the goals set out by the development plans. They provide over 250 permits and registrations to fulfill the client’s priority to create an ideal living environment for city residents, with great quality of life and modern amenities.

The Challenge

With the aim to facilitate the client with a platform for digital boardroom by implementing Business Object and Hana database. The challenges faced were:

  • We realized there were no documented reporting structures so we recorded workflows to understand what to measure, how to report, and whom to report
  • We integrated different data sources to eliminate duplications to make reporting cubes for different systems for reporting
  • Implemented reporting structures to ensure strategic objectives are met by individual-level KPI mapping

Our Approach

We undertook the following to make Digital Dashboards at multiple levels

  • Analysis workshops to list role-wise KPIs to record the existing report strategy
  • Optimize KPIs to ensure Strategic goals are cascaded through the organization
  • Analyze the source system data to align with the reporting data requirements
  • Find new approaches to using existing reporting data
  • Create a data entry sheet to facilitate manual data entry of data points that aren't mapped internally

Project Highlights

We improved the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the Capital Investment Planning process

  • Algorithmic ranking of projects for meaningful budget approval
  • Coordinates between government agencies

Value-Driven Benefits

Through the project, DPMT enhanced its workflow as the solution implemented

  • Does geospatial analytics and performs iterative what-if scenarios
  • Eliminated duplication of entries
  • Provided a smart interactive dashboard to enable efficient decision-making